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The Facepunchers

D&D party adventures & shenanigans 👊

Whispers in the Dark

Illustrated adaptation from an excerpt of Marcus Sedgwick's novel,Ghosts of Heaven.

White Rat

A story from 1940s wartime.

f l o w e r

Short drabble written by a friend.

Patron Saints

In the beginning, there was benignity.

The Feather Pillow

Adapted from a short story by Horacio Quiroga. Horror.

The Girl Under the Bed

A kids' adventure set during the month of the Chinese Hungry Ghost festival. Published by Epigram Books.

The Exhumation - 360 Panorama

A woman finds her beliefs conflicted during a pacification ritual of her late grandmother. Based on Catherine Lim's short story and featured in Textures 2020.